Resource Hub for Novice Sewers

Designer and Developer

Resource Hub for Novice Sewers

Designer and Developer
Creative Direction
This project is locked due to client confidentiality. The Figma file below is password protected. Please contact me to learn more!
Mood Board
Leila Makes is a sewer and creator who uses Instagram as her main point of contact and to post her sewing projects. Social media has been great for building her audience, but doesn’t provide an easy way to write, search, and compile Leila Makes resources.
Create a resource hub for new sewers that reflects Leila Makes' playful and open personality. Provide a place for Leila Makes to write and post guides and resources.


My first thoughts with the Leila Makes site centered on who would primarily use it. I could see three distinct types of people and after intake with Leila Makes, we were able to narrow down our focus to the hobbyist.

  1. Hobby Sewer - looking for ideas, inspiration, patterns
  2. Sewing Influencer - looking to collaborate
  3. Shop or Other Website Representative - looking for Leila Makes to write a guest blog

Mood Board

I developed a mood board in collaboration with Leila Makes. I love when a client feels fully aligned with the mood board because we have common understanding before I begin work on the design system.

Instagram Carousel


I was taking a design course while working on this project. I designed with a mix of in Webflow & Figma - looking back with the skills I have now I would:

  • Design homepage using grid lines in Figma
  • Incorporate some off-grid playful aspects in other places for consistent inconsistencies

We've got another project underway together so stay tuned!

Screenshot of blog post sectionScreenshot of guide section4 screenshots of mobile UI
Leila Makes has >400 total web search clicks on her new site and was able to link her free pattern page on a community app for sewers to download 🎉